Who We Are

Hannah Stelzl | Biblical Mentor, Author and Blogger

Home for Hannah is North Carolina where she lives alongside her family of 9. After turning her back on God, Christianity, and her parents values during her early teen years, she gave her life over to the Lord at the age of 16. Since making that commitment, Hannah has worked with young women throughout the United States in mentoring relationships, helping them heal from past mistakes and encouraging them to surrender their lives to the Lord. Hannah currently spends most of her time ministering to parents of teens, and troubled young women from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, she enjoys playing the piano and guitar, photography, and especially, galavanting through the countryside on a horse.

Brystol Reckner | Blogger

Home for Brystol is rural Kentucky where she lives with on her family’s ranch and is the Executive Director of Higher Ground Ministry Mission. The organization reaches hundreds of kids from all different backgrounds, year round by providing summer camps and classes. In addition to her ministry role at the ranch, Brystol volunteers as a firefighter and works as an EMT with her brother Tim. On the side, she enjoys riding and training horses, raising cattle, baking, and chalk art. Brystol has a passion for sharing the truths she’s learned through her personal testimony, and through the lessons she learns in her every-day life.

Andrew Stevens | Blogger

Andrew resides in the sunny state of Florida, and is the youngest of 2 boys. He is also the producer of the Sharpening Character Podcast – a media-based ministry geared towards young men. Andrew and his team of guys work together to interview key, Christian leaders on a weekly basis, discussing a variety of current issues that young men should be informed about, and spiritually equipped to deal with. His website also offers Scripture challenges, screen savers, and biblical articles on character building topics. Andrew has a heart for discipling this generation to seek the Lord. He enjoys broadcasting and meteorology in his spare time. You can visit his website here.

Christina Crain | Blogger

IMG_7400Christina is the eldest of 5 children and makes her home in central Alabama. Over the course of the past several years, God has deepened and grown her love for people, and given her a caring heart for individuals from all walks of life, experiencing all types of struggles. She enjoys music – particularly playing her violin in a bluegrass band that consists of herself and her siblings – as well as working with children, spending time with her family, and exploring nature. Huge old trees are her favorite. Christina has a real gift for writing transparently about what God is doing, and we look forward to posting  what she shares each month.

Bethany Stelzl | Blogger

MG_0202-354x425Bethany is third-born daughter and fourth of seven children. She resides in North Carolina with her family where she works from home as a dog trainer. She enjoys training and spending time with her three German Shepherds in addition to working as an office manager for Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts, coaching National Bible Bee students, and working in a mentoring capacity with young women. She hopes to pursue police and PTSD dog training in the future. In her spare time, Bethany enjoys sketching, horse back riding, running, and backpacking. She’s a girl of MANY talents with a huge heart for God, and we love having her on our team!

Daniel Hancock | Blogger

Daniel is the fourth born of five children, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his family. He has been blessed with the job of his dreams – professional real-estate photography – which fills much of his time. He loves having his mom as his assistant in this work. One of Daniel’s favorite things to do is hang out with and invest in the younger kids from church. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring God’s creation and adventuring in the great outdoors, as well as a good game of chess, air-soft, and lots of physical exercise.


Emma S. | Blogger

Emma is a writer, artist, and musician who works part time in her family’s business. Growing up alongside of her 11 siblings, she has learned to work through relational conflict, hurt and daily struggles instead of avoiding them. “With God as my father, I’ve found that the best place to learn is at His feet, and in His arms when I grow weary on life’s journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to pass on what I’ve learned to others.” Emma also spends some of her spare time writing on her blog Short Notes, where she writes short and encouraging notes.