Going to Battle


I see a battlefield with two opposing armies. One army fights for Evil. Its warriors (and they are warriors – fierce, gruesome warriors) are the followers of Satan.

The other army fights for Good. Its warriors are the Children of God.

Everyday that we awake as Children of God, we awake to a raging battle. But, you must make the choice to pick-up your sword and face the enemy, rather than stand idly on the side lines watching your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ fight.

When you first choose to join them and fight, you will be inexperienced. You will have to choose whether to stick it out and learn as you fight, or run back to the sidelines. If you choose to stay and fight, each new enemy will teach you something. You learn through experience and by watching your fellow soldiers. And let us not forget, the Captain, the KING of the army, has given us a battle guide. Study it, learn it, memorize it.

 As I view this battlefield, I see the King choose to give certain warriors Battle Partners. You see, their missions are better fulfilled when they have someone to work with. They can stand back to back, guarding each other, watching  for an onslaught from the enemy on their Battle Partner which they cannot see.

Other warriors can better fulfill their mission alone. One might think this would be a more dangerous position to be in. And grant it, sometimes it may  be. But, it seems to me, as though the Enemy has a special hatred for any 2 warriors willing to put aside their difference’s  and be brave enough to take on the responsibility of a Battle Partner. And a great responsibility it is!! These warriors are not perfect. No! They are simply fighting for One who is. They don’t always discern the onslaught the Enemy has prepared for their Battle Partner. Sometimes they are weak, sometimes distracted, sometimes blind. But the King chose them for one another for a reason. They each bring out in the other what they lack themselves. They encourage one another, take counsel together, and most importantly, study the great battle plan the King has given them together. And yes, they fight together. 

So, it seems to me when two warriors are willing to come together, that there is a special strength, wisdom, and courage found. I believe the Enemy sees it also. And I believe he has a great desire for these warriors to fail. That he sends his best warriors, and hottest fiery darts in their direction. 

So now, maybe you understand why I feel it’s easier to be a lone warrior. Making decisions yourself, not worrying about “having any-ones back”.

Anyways, that’s just how I see it. And I pray I have the strength to choose each day to put on my armor and fight. To fight with a passion!! For our cause is so worthy! 

And I pray that if the King should choose to make me a Battle Partner, I will have enough courage, selflessness, and humility to accept. But either way, no matter what His plan is for me, my ultimate goal is to fight the battle well. And when this life on earth is over and God once and for all defeats Satan, I want to be able to live eternity knowing that, even though I made mistakes (and mistakes I’ve surely made!), I fought for the cause and never lost sight of the One for whom I fight.

By: Christina Crain

Photo Credit: Flickr


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