Reach for God, in the face of cloudy horizons; lines out of focus. Fix your eyes on the mark, barely visible – recognizable to the mind, doubted by the heart. Grasp for what is there, but feels like empty air in a closed fist. The Almighty is in the small things…the whispers of life…more than any, magnificent display.

Reach even when you feel your hands stopped by rain-streaked glass; the panes of frustration are hard against your skin, mostly because you can see through them what you should have, but don’t. Reach even when the briars and thorns tear at the hope in your soul, cut and scratch and break the skin of trust in a future where the Suffering Servant’s crown will be turned to gold.

Reach when the darkness in front of your eyes swallows your hand and everything it is outstretched to receive. Fight your way through the valley of shadows and refuse fear. Your God is with you silently, because He forsook the Lamb on the darkest day in history. You have never felt alone as He did, and still He reached: “My God? My God? Why have You forsaken me?” And then submission in the face of what could not be understood: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” It was finished then, and glory triumphed because He reached when He could not see. So we must reach. We will never be forsaken as He was.

Reach for the nail-pierced hands. The hands that healed the unthankful and touched the outcasts. Reach for the broken feet, that walked hundreds of miles to love those who would turn away, reject, scorn His truth. Reach for the side that was thrust through with a sword. It showed the world the broken heart of the Son, poured out for people who knew not what they did.

Reach, and you will not be disappointed. Labor through the dark, the confusing, the barriers, the prisons of this life. It’s all momentary. It’s all working an eternal WEIGHT of glory. And how? How do we reach?

“Call out to me and I will show you great and mighty things which you know not.” Spoken to the prophet Jeremiah – the weeping prophet – who served faithfully and struggled with the depressing weight of failure in the face of a hardened nation. We are to seek the Word – which is from the beginning, and is the exact representation of Jesus, the One we are called to follow. The One who alone can ground us.

Confused? Reach for the One who knows all things.

Tired? Reach for the One who restores souls and satisfies the weary.

Thoughts racing? Reach for the One who says, “Peace be still.” Even the winds and waves obey Him. Our minds are not too great of an ocean for Him to calm.

Suffering? Reach for the One who was forsaken in His darkest hour and remember that you are not alone.

Torn? Reach for the One who makes all things new.

Reach, Christian. And don’t stop. Blink and your life here will be gone. Reach for all that you can lay up in the Kingdom. Reach for what is bigger than yourself. Reach and be totally lost in the Christ who came to displace sinful flesh with holy glory.

Reach and rest.

By: Hannah Stelzl


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