When Love Turns His Face Away

“With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
But with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you,”
Says the Lord, your Redeemer.” Isaiah 54:8

The jealousy of God is something remarkable to think about. It embodies the concept that the Almighty Maker of the universe, who needs no one and lacks nothing, is fiercely protective of and possessive towards sinful, human beings. He wants relationship with us so deeply and so passionately, that when we serve other gods, He has to turn His face away. He has to let us suffer the absence of His face, and feel the burn of His jealous affection for us.

There is something incredible to be noted here in this verse: the goodness of God is not circumstantial. It is relational. And that is a constant, unaffected by changing situations. The momentary anger of God over misplaced affections gives way to everlasting love and kindness. The God of heaven came into a world of pain for which there are no words and no explanations, and He met us where we were with love that cannot be described; desire that cannot be comprehended. That should produce worship. That should produce a song that does not take circumstances into consideration nearly as much as it takes the Person of God into thought. He who is faithful, keeping His covenant for THOUSANDS of generations.

Don’t stop praising Him in the valley. He is always good. Not just on sunny days; actually, especially on rainy ones.

By: Hannah Stelzl

Photo Credit: Flickr

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