Announcing a FREE Book GIVEAWAY!!!

1497293Starting today, until March 1st, you have the opportunity to win a beautiful, hard-bound copy of Charles Spurgeon’s well-loved devotional, Morning & Evening! This book had an incredible impact on me as a new believer, and continues to encourage and edify my heart in the things of God to this day. If you already own a copy of it, you can still enter the giveaway to win it as a gift for someone who doesn’t!

  • Like 1 Love for Christ on Facebook (1 point)
  • Invite your friends to 1 Love for Christ’s Facebook page by sharing it on your wall (1 point)
  • Share this post on your Facebook wall (1 point)
  • Re-blog this post on your personal blog (2 points)
  • Share this post on your Google+ profile (1 point)

Once you have done one or all of the above, leave a comment below telling us which of the above you completed. Your name will then be entered in the drawing according to the points you have (e.g. if you completed 3 points worth of shares, your name will be entered 3 times in the drawing).

If you do not include your email in the comment form below this post, make sure you check the blog, 1 Love for Christ’s Facebook or the 1 Love for Christ Google+ community (which is accessible to members only) on March 2nd for the winner announcement 🙂

Hannah Stelzl

13 thoughts on “Announcing a FREE Book GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. hstelzl says:

    Congratulations to Hannah McIntosh, who won the book giveaway! Thanks everyone for participating! Keep your eyes open for another one in the near future =)

  2. Alexandra says:

    Hi Hannah,
    I have shared this on G+, and I will also post on my blog, but I’m just wondering, I live in Australia… can I still enter?? thanks!! Your blog is a real encouragement!

  3. Sarah McDaniels says:

    I have a dear friend who read and loved this devotional. I would love to read it! I have liked the FB page and I shared the post on both my FB and Google+ accounts. Thank you for the extension, I completely missed the fact that there was a gieaway going on and would’ve missed it.

  4. Elisabeth Linzey says:

    Dear Hannah, I have really enjoyed the 1 Love For Christ blog. You are doing a great job addressing very needed topics. I noticed the free book give away for this month was a Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon. I have been desiring to get one for quite a while as it is always such a blessing when I read someone else’s, but they have been hard to come by in our area. I would like to enter in this drawing, however I have a few obstacles… I do not have Facebook or google+ and do not know how to put your post on my blog. Is there something else I could do or something you could suggest?

    His Handmaiden, ~Elisabeth J. Linzey

    “Don’t count the days, make each day count.”

    • hstelzl says:

      Hi Elizabeth =) One of the main purposes of the giveaway is to try to expand our ministry by making other young people aware of the blog/other ministry outreaches offered on the site. You may simply cut and paste the book giveaway post into your blog as long as you credit 1 Love for Christ for the post. The other alternative option to social media would be to send a mass email to friends, sharing the blog link with them as a resource. I would count that as 2 points – just be sure to mention what you decide to do in the comment stream =) I hope this helps! Blessings!

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